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APD - DESIGN is a building design firm based in the Houston Heights and established in 1992.  Our firm offers building design services for residential, residential remodeling, commercial, federal structures and multi-family.  We specialize in historic building design.  Mark Van Doren has worked in the building design and construction industry since 1973.  We have a large portfolio of stock plans available for single-family residential, town homes and commercial strip centers.

Philip Belanger is a registered architect (#4618) in the State of Texas.  He has worked in the architectural field since 1966.  Refer to his professional credentials as part of this document package.

Mark Van Doren prepares building plans and specifications for the construction, enlargement or alterations of commercial, residential and multi-family projects.  Refer to his professional biography as part of the document package.



  • Construction / Permit Documents
  • Construction Observation
  • Historic Preservation 
  • Historic Registration
  • Occupancy Certification
  • Development Plats
  • ADA Modifications
  • Color Renderings

  • Subdivision Plats
  • Building Surveys
  • As-Built Services
  • Space Planning
  • Land Planning
  • Interior Decor
  • Scale Models & Graphic

  • Large Format Reproduction



   Managing Principal:  Mark Van Doren
   Senior Project Architect:  Philip D. Belanger, A.I.A.
   Production:  Rico Swave



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